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Looking for a teacher?  Oboe reeds?  We got you covered.

The shop gets many calls for information other than repair.  Listed are links for local companies, private teachers, performance groups, and other music bits that people might find useful.  Just click on the links provided or copy/paste the email address.   As always, CWBR is here to support all musicians from first year students to veteran performers.  


North Carolina Double Reed Company

We specialize in bassoon reeds, contrabassoon reeds, oboe reeds, and English horn reeds. We also make budget friendly reed cases, as well as reed soaker cups.

Private Instructors

Anita Cirba, Trumpet

Section Subtitle

Kania Mills, Clarinet and Saxophone

Eileen Young, Clarinet and Saxophone

Community groups of all types to watch or join

Salem Band

Salem Band, established in 1771, is the oldest,
continuous mixed wind ensemble in the nation.
nsemble in the nation.

Logo 1_JPG.webp
Vounteers of All Ages Who Enjoy Performing a Variety of Music

New Members Welcome! Come Try Us Out. Let's Have Some Serious Fun

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