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"It's in the details."

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Stuff Band Directors Need to Know

Many repair manuals are written with the technician in mind. This is a modern repair manual written with band directors in mind. It gives thorough guidance to many everyday simple repairs, such as flute adjustments, tying French horn rotors, and brass cleaning. It deals with how to troubleshoot and assess instruments for repair, whether the problem is fixable in the band room or needs to go to the repair shop. Low tech, low cost repairs are presented in color pictures, showing each step clearly. There is also a section that talks about finding and working with a repair tech, starting a booster program, and vendors of band instrument supplies.

Buescher 400 Alto Saxophone

One of the more popular vintage saxophones, this 400 was made just after the Selmer buyout between 1965-70.  It has the original Buescher parts, including Norton, springs, pad grommets, and special neck octave key.  This sax has seem some use, but has been reppaded using black Saxgourmet pads, new materials, key fittings, tone hole level and fraising, and neck cork.  The tone quality is bright and brilliant, and would make a nice jazz or stage instrument.

$750.00                     Contact me if interested.