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"It's in the details."

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Brasswind Services

Sonic Wash and Service

The instrument is completely disassembled, degreased and cycled through an ultrasonic cleaning machine until all hard deposits are gone.  The instrument is then dried.  Piston valves are precision calibrated with firm long lasting and quiet materials, rotors are calibrated with material choice.  Slides are polished, lubricated, and fit as necessary.  Water key corks are fit and replaced.  Valve springs, guides, waterkey springs are replaced as necessary.

Trumpet                                       $125.00                                                         

Cornet                                         $125.00                                                        

Flugelhorn                                   $125.00

Mellophone                                  $150.00


Marching Baritone                        $150.00

Student trombone                         $125.00

Trombone with rotor                      $150.00

Bass Trombone/double rotor         $125.00

Euphonium (3 valve)                      $150.00

Euphonium (4 valve)                      $175.00

Tuba (3 valve)                               $250.00

Tuba (4 valve)                               $300.00


Tuba (4/5 rotor)                             $350.00

Sousaphone                                  $350.00

Additional services

Dent work:  CWB Repair is fully outfitted for dent work with an assortment of mandrels, rollers, dent balls, MDRS, and a dent machine.  Dent work charges are added to sonic wash prices as dents cannot be removed on a dirty instrument.  Assessment is given at the time of price estimation. Below is a range of what to expect.                              

      Small brasses                   $45.00-150.00 
      Saxophones                      $45.00-150.00
      Large brasses                   $75.00-350.00


Soft solder braces/spots   

       First spot                          $15.00

       Each additional                $10.00

       Patch                               $65.00 ea

***Part replacement is charged based on cost of part.

Custom work:  To be assessed at the time of estimation.  

         Replace leadpipe             $85.00-120.00 plus part

         Replace Bell                     $125.00-125.00 plus part
         Custom Brazing                $85.00-125.00

For Band Directors

Band directors have the option to rent the use of the sonic machine and clean their own inventory to save budget money.     This is by appointment and only for school instruments.  This is not an offer for individuals for personal instruments.  If a director decides to use this option, the charge is $25.00 per instrument.  If any work is requested from the technician, additional charges will be assessed and added.  CWBR is not responsible for DIY repairs or cleanings.